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The History of SKO

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Sigma Kappa Omega began when Kara McIntyre and Katie McCormick both sought a sorority that felt like home. They began working on their idea for a local, social sorority in Fall of 2001 and eventually became the founders of Sigma Kappa Omega. On November 12, 2001, Sigma Kappa Omega was founded on the Stephen F. Austin campus.

The sorority’s purpose is to unite its members in a bond of sincere friendship for the development of character and the promotion of social and intellectual culture. 

The sorority has seen many changes and new faces since it was founded, but the members of Sigma Kappa Omega still strive to uphold the vision of its founders. Since the first rush in Spring 2002, Sigma Kappa Omega has continued to welcome new members that have proven sincerity to the sisterhood.

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